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At our core, we are storytellers.

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Combining the talents of creatives from Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, and all throughout the entertainment industry, Adventurous Ideas™ crafts and distributes mind-blowing full-cast audio dramas. Founded by industry veterans Jerry Cornell and C. Andrew Nelson, Adventurous Ideas is producing and developing an entire line of audio series covering a wide variety of popular story genres including science fiction, fantasy, superhero, mystery, thriller, and comedy. Far beyond mere audio books, our productions are fully realized stories that place the listener into the heart of the adventure through sound effects, music, and casts of well known and beloved performers.

“Everyone craves entertainment and escapism,” explains Nelson, “But people have busy lives and can’t always find the time to sit down to watch a 2-hour movie or commit to being planted in front of a screen to binge watch a series. Audio is portable. It goes where you go. You can be driving in your car, doing your chores, carrying on other tasks while still being immersed in the stories you love.”

According to Cornell, “We’ve come up with so many captivating stories that we can’t wait for everyone to experience. We have an amazing team of writers working on them and spectacular casts and audio engineers bringing them to life. Each concept is a tale that needs to be told and needs to be shared. It’s quite exciting!”

  • Full blown dramatizations
  • Every story genre imaginable
  • Beloved cast members
  • Great characters and compelling stories


Are you ready to hear with your own ears what Adventurous Ideas is all about? You’ll find a nice sampling of our creative endeavors on the official Adventurous Ideas YouTube channel, including trailers for our upcoming projects, full episodes of some our productions, and our behind-the-scenes podcast interview series The Lowdown at the Down Low.
Our Youtube Chanel

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